November 21, 2013

Thanks for an amazing 2013!


Holy moly it’s hard to believe that 2013 has almost passed! It’s been an incredible year for us getting to travel the country and play music for you guys alongside amazing bands like Relient K, The Almost, Mike Mains & the Branches, Dinner and a Suit, The Mowgli’s, Kopecky Family Band and many more! We aren’t quite finished with our live show schedule this year, so if you live in one of the remaining cities, make sure to buy tickets and come out and see us!

As we move ahead into the new year, we’re excited to let you know that we already have a healthy batch of new material for what will be our third full-length album. Though we’re still a ways away from its completion, we’re already giddy to share what we think will be our best material yet. Stay tuned – we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with progress and fun stuff along the way!

Nov 22 – San Antonio, TX @ Jack’s Bar+
Nov 23 – Austin, TX @ Listening Room at Winflo (acoustic)
Nov 23 – Waco, TX @ Common Grounds+
Dec 17 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s*
Dec – 18 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s*
Dec 19 – Ft. Worth, TX @ Live Oak Music Hall*
+ w/Corrier, * w/Kopecky Family Band

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September 10, 2013

November shows w/ The Mowgli’s & Kopecky Family Band!

We are so excited to get to share the stage with some great bands who we love this November! We’ll have some headlining shows to announce around this time very soon!

Nov. 4 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory
Nov. 5 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s
Nov. 6 – Nashville, TN @ Cannery Ballroom
Nov. 7 – Atlanta, GA @ The Loft

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June 12, 2013


To some of you Daytrotter is old news. You’ve been finding cool new recordings of your favorite bands, and finding new favorite bands from them for years! In fact, we’ve actually been there a couple of times, and a few of us recorded a session for Brandon’s side project The Wealthy West. Well back when we were getting ready for our new video release they came out with a couple really sweet new changes that we’re super pumped about and we hope you’ll go give them a look! Click picture below to hear our session from 2010.


The Rocketboys - Daytrotter


One thing we’re excited about is their new “Direct to Artist” portion of their subscription. Basically, if you sign up and become a member, you can now elect to donate $5.00 of your yearly fee to any band of your choice. Check out this article all about it on


We’ve recorded a new session a couple months ago, and can’t wait for you to hear it! But until then, check out these Wealthy West songs.


The Wealthy West - Daytrotter

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June 6, 2013

“Marching to the Palace” music video is OUT NOW!

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May 26, 2013


RB Total Rocketboys Poster 5

We’re excited to announce that on June 5th we’re releasing a Total Recall-inspired music video for our song “Marching to the Palace!” We’re also hosting a premiere of the video in Austin at the North Door on June 5th where, in addition to showing the new video, we’ll be watching the original Total Recall and giving away awesome free stuff! We promise it’ll be a night you’ll never forget (insert awkward Total Recall joke here)! Doors open at 7pm. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? You really have no excuse now…

And in case you aren’t familiar, here’s the 1990 trailer:

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May 16, 2013

Summer tour with Relient K & The Almost

We are beyond excited to announce that we’ve been offered the opportunity to support two amazing bands Relient K and The Almost this summer from July 2nd – July 23rd. Please check out the dates and come support us out on the road! Tickets for all shows go on sale on May 17th.

7/2 – Nashville, TN @ Rocketown*
7/3 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade#
7/5 – Louisville, KY @ Headliners*
7/6 – Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater*
7/7 – Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29*
7/8 – Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird’s*
7/9 – Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues*
7/10 – Charlotte, NC @ Evening Muse $
7/11 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony*
7/12 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance*
7/13 – Pawtucket, RI @ The Met*
7/14 – Amityville, NY @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall#
7/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of the Living Arts*
7/17 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection*
7/19 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s*
7/20 – Springfield, MO @ Gillioz Theater*
7/21 – St. Louis, MO @ The Demo $
7/22 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada+
7/23 – Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown+
7/25 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s#

$ = The Rocketboys only
# = w/ The Almost
* = w/ Relient K, The Almost
+ = w/ Relient K, The Almost, Driver Friendly

Stay tuned — we’ll have more summer shows to announce soon!

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February 8, 2013

2013 Spring Tour

In exactly one week we’re heading out on the road for nearly a month with two amazing bands - Dinner and a Suit and Mike Mains & the Branches!

Here is a final list of all dates. Almost all of them have advance ticket links, so go ahead and get yours now! Also, please visit the facebook link and both RSVP yourself and invite others to these events. It helps us out more than you know!

2.1 – San Antonio, TX @ 502 Bar ** Tickets | RSVP
2.12 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s ** Tickets | RSVP
2.15 – Kansas City, MO @ Czar Tickets | RSVP
2.16 – St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s Tickets | RSVP
2.17 – Nashville, TN @High Watt Tickets | RSVP
2.19 – Chicago, IL @ Ace Bar Tickets Tickets | RSVP
2.20 – Bloomington, IN @ Bishop Bar Info | RSVP
2.21 – Spring Arbor, MI @ Spring Arbor University RSVP
2.22 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose Tickets | RSVP
2.23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy Tickets | RSVP
2.25 – Cambridge, MA @ All Asia Bar Tickets | RSVP
2.26 – Hamden, CT @ The Space Tickets | RSVP
2.27 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall Tickets | RSVP
2.28 – New York, NY @ Spike Hill Tickets |RSVP
3.1 – Wenham, MA @ Gordon College RSVP
3.4 – Washington, D.C. @ DC9 Tickets | RSVP
3.5 – Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern Tickets | RSVP
3.6 – Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl Tickets | RSVP
3.7 – New Orleans, LA @ Hi Ho Lounge RSVP
3.8 – Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine’s RSVP
3.9 – Tulsa, OK @ Vanguard Music Hall Tickets | RSVP
3.10 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada ** Tickets | RSVP
3.13 – 3.16 – SXSW
** = The Rocketboys only

Lastly, here is one more way you can truly help us out on this tour:

Check out our tour website that contains awesome stuff like free music from all the bands and a sweet tour promo video.

Next to each city, there is a .pdf link. Click the one next to your city to download an easily printable .pdf file containing four fliers, and then distribute them to everyone you know!

It’s a really simple way for you to help us spread the word about our music and our shows in your city. Leave them in your local coffee shops, bars, restaurants, break rooms, churches, dorms, record stores, etc.

So go check it out, and let’s spread the word and hang out in February and March!


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December 31, 2012

Top 12 Moments of 2012

2012 has been quite a year for The Rocketboys – a lot of changes, a lot of “firsts,” and a lot of triumphs and failures both! Fortunately for us, we look back on nearly all of it quite fondly and are inspired to next year build on what we’ve accomplished in 2012. We whittled down a list of our 12 most memorable moments from the year for you here:


We were quite fortunate in our 112 shows this year to both reacquaint with our old buddies England in 1819 for some shows back in May, and also meet and travel with some bands with whom we were previously unfamiliar: Vanaprasta (June), From Indian Lakes (July), Twenty One Pilots (November). All have recently released albums or are releasing soon – check ‘em out!


Twenty One Pilots – Vessel (1/8/13)
Vanaprasta – Healthy Geometry (out now)
From Indian Lakes – Able Bodies (out now)
England in 1819 – Alma (out now)


Taco Bell was gracious to include us in their Feed The Beat program where they gave many touring bands $500 in Taco Bell gift cards. It was quite the blessing and money saver…. and we haven’t taken a home-cooked meal forgranted since!


(Photo by Chris Phelps)

On our way to Denver while making a pit stop, we were only seconds away from getting fried by this lightning strike. A couple of us were outside when it happened and were shocked and/or showered by all the pebbles it stirred up (look carefully at the bottom of the flagpole), but thankfully we weren’t hurt at all. Unbelievably, the moment was captured by our gopro camera which was mounted on our dashboard, taking a picture only every 5 seconds!

9. 10 FOR 10 AT SXSW

(Photo by David Ruiz)

While it’s not out of the ordinary to play every day for multiple days in a row, if you’ve ever participated in SXSW as a band, it is a different animal altogether. On top of the madness we endured during the 10 shows we played in that 10 day period, one was an afternoon festival in McAllen, TX (after which we promptly left and hightailed it back for our 1am official SXSW showcase). It was probably the most exhausting but simultaneously fun and rewarding 10 days of our band!


It was our priviledge to be able to tour in support of Invisible Children for 6 weeks in September and October. We’ve always been fans of Invisible Children and when we got to meet some of their music crew and go out on the road in support of their mission, it was awesome! One of the highlights for us was being able to shoot a video on a rooftop at night in NYC!


the rocketboys - the best (official music video)
The amazingly talented Chris Phelps joined us on the first leg of our “Build Anyway” tour, shooting video everywhere we went. The result is our first music video ever. We shot in so many amazing places from Discovery Park in Seattle to a salt flat near the Great Salt Lake to mountain tops in Tucson to venues all across the country and everywhere inbetween!


(Photos by Dave Ruiz)

There’s little else more frustrating for a band than a last-minute cancellation by a venue – especially when over a thousand miles from home in a new city. However when our show in Pontiac, MI was canceled, we managed to put together an eleventh hour show at Garden Bowl (bowling alley) in Detroit, and it ended up being one of the most fun shows of the tour. We’re truly grateful to all the awesome fans who came out despite the last minute change of plans. And as you can see, we took full advantage of the free bowling!


Somehow in the many years of us being a band, despite many radio stations across the country generously playing our music, we had never actually heard a song of ours played live on-air in our hometown. Fortunately for us Andy Langer (KGSR, 101x) and Laurie Gallardo (KUT) in particular really got behind our music this year, spun our music more than a few times here in Austin, and we all finally got to have that “Charlie Pace” / “Drive Shaft” moment (LOST, anyone? If not, see the episode “Greatest Hits” from Season 3)!


(Photos by Dave Ruiz)

Since we weren’t entirely positive that our band was going to even make it through 2011 at the beginning of the year, we were blessed to be able to add to the fold Josh Rodgers and Kyle Samuel, two fine musicians (drums and guitar, respectively) and people in general, who as you probably know now fill those previously vacant roles!


Again, despite having the framework for “Build Anyway” in the works at the beginning of 2012, it was not entirely clear that we’d end up finishing and releasing the album. So its completion was a true triumph for us! And we were humbly surprised and honored by all of the great feedback we’ve gotten especially being mentioned by the following publications and blogs in their best of 2012 lists:




the rocketboys - the best : audiotree live

We unanimously agreed that recording an Audiotree session may have been our most fun, rewarding experience of 2012. We love playing live, so getting to play live in an insanely cool studio with some of the kindest, most talented folks we’ve ever come across was pretty freakin awesome. The product turned out really nice – in fact, if you haven’t seen it, you should probably go ahead and do that here!


(Photo by Darian Gaffney)

It’s not every day you get an email from a fan saying that he wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him during one of our shows because of how much our band has been a part of our relationship. Needless to say, we were immediately on board and flattered to be involved, and she ended up saying yes. Congrats again Mark and Darian!

Our singer, the one and only Brandon Kinder, and his lovely girlfriend Claire also got engaged back in August! We’re excited for their future to have a new member of the Rocketfamily!

Lastly, we owe a huge thanks to all the following who helped make 2012 one for the ages – our managers Antony Bland and John Mathiason and also Claire Ramsdell at Candyshop, Keith Richards and Brett Pierce at Elite Talent Agency, Jeffrey Hasson at Paradigm and Ryan Soroka at the Soroka Agecy, our publicist Austin Griswold, our amazing friends and photographers Dave Ruiz and Chris Phelps, our amazing artist Ryan Feerer, Lauren and Alex at Invisible Children, all the gang at Audiotree, all the gang at AltarTV, and to all of you who came and saw a show and/or let us crash on your floor and eat your food, we couldn’t have done it without you – thank you and have a blessed 2013!

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December 22, 2012

The New Year Ahead

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is already coming to a close. We began 2012 not entirely sure that our band would even continue its existence…. What a difference a year makes!

Now in December, we humbly look back on what’s been our best year ever as a band in nearly every way. We owe so much of that to you – for your continued support for our band despite nearly 3 years between albums!

As we look ahead to what 2013 holds in store, we’re more excited than ever! We already have a preliminary batch of tour dates for February and March with Mike Mains and the BranchesDinner and a Suit:


1/11 – Austin, TX @ ND (Free Week)+
2/12 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s (FUN. aftershow)+
2/15 – Kansas City, MO @ Czar Bar
2/16 – St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s
2/17 – Nashville, TN @ High Watt*
2/20 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop*
2/21 – Spring Arbor, MI @ Spring Arbor University*
2/22 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
2/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy
2/25 – Cambridge, MA @ All Asia*
2/27 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall*
2/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill*
3/1 – Wenham, MA @ Gordon College*
3/2 – TBA*
3/4 – Washington, D.C. @ DC9*
3/5 – TBA
3/6 – Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl*
3/7 – TBA*
3/8 – Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine’s*
3/9 – Tulsa, OK @ Vanguard Music Hall*

* = w/ Mike Mains and the Branches & Dinner and a Suit
+ = The Rocketboys only

We have also already begun working on what will be the follow-up to “Build Anyway,” and we will share more on that in the new year.

Here’s one final little treat from 2012 – a video shot for Invisible Children by our friend Dustin Reid on a rooftop in NYC!

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December 20, 2012

Best Albums of 2012

Here we are, on “the brink of modern society“, looking back at a year of great new releases. And the view is good. Plenty of noteworthy albums came out this year. and we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you. So, without further adieu, here are our personal favorites:




    -Coco Beware

In a year where a lot of the new music to which I was exposed was good but not great, I found Caveman’s album “CoCo Beware” to be quite refreshing. They have a real knack for writing surprisingly unique vocal melodies under a bed of perfect vocal harmonies and creative electric guitar and synth keyboard textures. It’s kind of reminds me of what it would be like if someone found this secret record that never got released that James Mercer and Robin Pecknold had collaboratively made and recorded in one of their apartments in 2000. Anyways, I found it light yet complex and very creatively inspiring!



    – David Ramirez


Simply put, David is one of the best song writers in the game. His lyrics are honest and heartfelt. His songs are not super flashy and prove that there is something special about not worrying too much about the production and technical aspect of a record; but instead, letting the songs speak for themselves. That being said, “Apologies” is a quality record that sounds great and can easily stand up next to any major label release. I am lucky enough to call David a friend and can say with no hesitation that he is one of my favorite musicians and one of the nicest and most genuine guys in the business, which makes the quality of his music that much more impressive.



    -First Aid Kit

    -The Lion’s Roar

The past few years have been drenched in reverb and echo, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been swimming around with My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, Ponderosa, and other sound-a-likes for a while now, and First Aid Kit fits right in, and they’re a welcome addition to the family. This Swedish Duo has the perfect combination of beautiful melodies, that are as familiar as an old winter coat; and harmonies that are just as warm. For each time I listened to a new record this year, I probably listened to this one twice.



    -Kendrick Lamar

 -good kid, m.A.A.d. city

No album this year got as many plays as this little gem from my city of birth, Los Angeles. Lyrically and musically, this album stands above any hip-hop release this year, and this wasn’t a bad year for hip-hop! It brings back a feature of rap music I’ve always loved: the art of storytelling. A concept album, it focuses on Kendrick’s youth growing up in Compton as somebody who was not part of the rampant gang culture but still was affected and changed by it. He speaks on peer pressure, on violence, on greed, on drinking excessively to numb the pain and his faith and family that holds him together through all of it. Though it might seem like with all these heavy handed concepts flying around that the album could come off as a lecture or a bore, it is always listenable. Amazing production and thoughtful lyrics that do a lot more “showing” than “telling” make this both immediately accessible and complex enough to award multiple listens. In a year with A LOT of great releases, this one stands above for me.





    -Wild Blood

Wild Blood, the fourth LP from Nashville-by-way-of-Ohio indie rockers Lovedrug is my top pick for 2012. Probably not one of the most sought after indie albums of the year however, as a long time fan this particular record might just be my favorite yet. Singer Michael
Shepard’s quirky, organic slur sits right at home with my love for
love’m or hate’m vocal stylings. Huge drums, classic SVT bass tone and delay soaked arpeggios are sure to tickle the fancy of any rock ballad enthusiast. Late night highway drive, early morning jog, uncomfortably long holiday flight…Wild Bloods wall of cinematic pre-choruses, eerie verses and melodic snare roll laced bridges just might be your cup of tea.


We actually had the extreme honor to have Build Anyway on a few “best of” lists ourselves this year! Thanks so much to  NBT.FMMULTITRACKING, and KDR GIVES YOU 5 for putting us on their lists! Here’s to another year of great music!

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